I’m liking this theme “Picolight” all except for one thing. I cannot figure out how to hide the page titles. Those large titles push my content a good way down the page without telling you much for all their size. I’d like to get rid of them and put my own page descriptions at the top, right under the menu.  I’ve tried the “Disable Title” plugin by Frank Staude, but it not only hides the title, it also removes the page title from the menu.  That’s no good.

If anyone can tell me what code to edit, or a plugin that would work with this theme, I would be most grateful.  Otherwise this site is nearing “ready to advertise” stage.


only minutes after posting to http://wordpress.org/support/topic/hide-page-titles-in-picolight-theme I had my answer.  Thank you so much to WPyogi

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