Convert Legacy WinMac text to Unicode encoding

The following tool will allow you convert legacy 8-bit WinMac text to Unicode. Simply paste your text into the top text area, click convert, and obtain the updated text in the bottom area, with or without the removal of the dot over the ‘i’ as preferred in some regions. You can also convert the output text to HTML-ready code or try out the new text in different fonts that are known to fully represent the character set.

Input WinMac Text

Output Unicode Text

Select Font:

Word Macro

Word Macros have also been developed to convert legacy WinMac documents to Unicode. This allows you to retain the formatting of the original document (except of course, for the font). A package including instructions, a Word template that contains the macros, the source code for the macros, and conversion reference tables is available. Click here to download the zip archive.
Be aware that the package contains Word Macros, and the browser is likely to warn the user before attempting to download.


Many thanks to Rajiv Rawat for donating the Word Macro, java script, and HTML code for these conversion tools. You can also use this tool at Rajiv’s attractively formatted NWT Protected Areas Strategy website.
For more information on Dene Orthography, please visit Chris Harvey’s Indigenous language resource site,