Keyboard Installation tutorial for Windows 7

Click images to play the screencast tutorial videos.

Step 1 – Extract Keyboard from Zip Archive
Extracting the desired keyboards from the zip archive is the first step. Even if you know all about unzipping files, you may want to view this tutorial. It contains important information about the different Dene Language keyboards within the archive.
Note: If you have a program installed to handle zip files, possibly WinZip or WinRar, then you need to right-click the zip file and choose “open with…” and then select “Windows explorer” to have the archive open as shown in the video. If you simply double-click a zip archive, your Winzip or Winrar program will open instead. There are too many variables to begin to show them here. Right-click and have Windows explorer open your archive instead if you are not familiar with how to do it from your zip handler program.
Step 2 – Install Desired Language Keyboard
Installing the selected keyboards is simple – open the folder and run the setup file. You need to do this for each language you wish to use. This tutorial shows what dialog windows open during the process, and informs you that there is a silent period when nothing seems to happen.
Step 3 – Activate Keyboard from Language Bar
This tutorial shows how to use the language bar to switch the Unicode Dene Languages keyboards on and off. You need to implement the keyboard for each application where you wish to use it. Your choice persists for that application as long as it is open. If you open a new application, you will need to select a keyboard for that application if you want something other than your windows default.
Step 4 – More Language Bar (Optional)
This optional tutorial shows how to use the Languages control panel to add keyboards to your language bar if they do not automatically show up there. Probably not needed, but just in case, this details how to select them from the control panel.

You may also want to view Chris Harvey’s instructionfor installing the keyboards.
Visit his Installing Windows Keyboard Layouts page on the Languagegeek Website

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