Tap the button to select a Dene Unicode keyboard, then tap into the notepad to type.
If you select “Show Keyboard”, you can tap the web keyboard to type.

Note: turn off Mobile Theme (bottom of page when viewed in iOS) for this to work.

It’s awkward, but you can use the Web Keyboard above on a mobile device in combination with your device keyboard to type, then copy & paste to your destination. However there are now dedicated mobile apps that make it much easier.

Web Keyboard on iPod

FirstVoices Chat app on iPod

keymanweb screen shot FirstVoices screenshot

FirstVoices Chat App for iPod/iPhone/iPad

Text-chat with your Facebook or Google contacts in the Dene Languages from your mobile device

iTunes FirstVoices Chat App Preview

FirstVoices Chat User Guide – a valuable PDF – when all else fails read the manual

FirstVoices Website for other software ideas

Mobile apps for Dene Language Learning

These apps include language learning, games, quizzes, and practice,

Search for Yamózha Kúé Society in iTunes to see all of the apps

Here are links for the iPad apps preview pages


What About Android?

Android devices are currently unsuitable for viewing or typing in the Dene Languages because the Android operating system does not display the letter o if it is combined with the ogonek (used to indicate a nasalized vowel). If anyone knows whom to contact at Google to get this fixed, please leave a comment on my NEWS page. I’ve exhausted my resources without getting anywhere with this problem. I had to swallow my unreasonable anti-Apple prejudice and buy an iPhone because of it.