Download the Unicode Dene Keyboards Рalso Word Macro and Legacy Fonts

Chris Harvey (the Languagegeek) has designed and donated the Unicode Dene Keyboards to the Public*.
Download the keyboards for your operating system as zip archives. You will then need to unpack and install them. Note: You must have Administrator Privileges in order to install the Keyboard.
If you do NOT have Admin rights, try the Web Keyboard

Click Windows Download link to download the archive “”
Click Mac Download link to download the archive “”

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Click the screenshot (used with permission) from to go to the download page on Chris’s Website

To install the keyboards, follow the instructions on the website for Windows or Mac, or see the Tutorials page for step-by-step screencast videos

*Note: Languagegeek keyboards are “free-like-beer”.¬† You may use them without charge, download them to a flash drive, install for others; but you may not sell them or alter them without permission from Chris Harvey.


Download WinMac to Unicode Converter Macro

Word Macros have also been developed to convert legacy WinMac documents to Unicode. This allows you to retain the formatting of the original document (except of course, for the font). A package including instructions, a Word template that contains the macros, the source code for the macros, and conversion reference tables is available. Click here to download the zip archive.
Be aware that the package contains Word Macros, and the browser is likely to warn the user before attempting to download.

The Word Macro is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Attribution details are in the readme file in the archive.


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Download legacy WinMac Dene Fonts

These are the original 8-bit WinMac Dene fonts from 1995. Install these fonts only if you require them for reading & printing older documents. Please use the new Unicode system for composing any new documents.
Legacy WinMac Fonts for Windows
Legacy WinMac Fonts Mac