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Install the FREE Unicode Dene Keyboards.
Use the fonts already on your computer to type in the Dene Languages.

WinMac Dene Fonts and Keyman have now been replaced by a newer Unicode* system. You no longer need to download any special Dene Fonts, nor do you need to worry about whether your readers will have the right fonts to display the Dene characters.  All you need is the Unicode keyboard software to type the special Characters used in your language.

Try the New Unicode Web Keyboard
Can’t install a Keyboard?  No problem

Use the Web Keyboard type into the on-screen notepad.
Then copy Unicode text and paste wherever you need it.

What else can you find here?

*What the Heck is Unicode?

Short version:  Unicode is a new way of defining fonts. A Unicode font has room for all the characters from all the languages in the world, but of course not every font contains all these characters.
Good News: You don’t need to download any special fonts.  The versions of Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Cambria, and Tahoma fonts on newer computers are Unicode; and they contain all the special characters used by the Dene Languages.  All you need is some special keyboard software to type the Dene characters.  That’s what Unicode Dene Keyboards are all about

For a thorough explanation of Unicode, see Chris Harvey’s website.  Chris is the author of the Unicode Dene Keyboards.


Hang on folks – Unicode Dene Keyboards website is under construction
More new “Stuff” still to come …

  • A discussion forum for Q&A and to exchange information with other users
  • WebFonts for great-looking Dene Language websites
  • Lessons in reading/writing the Tłı̨chǫ Language